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Any areas of soil that are exposed and next to a hard surface, like a sidewalk or driveway, should be covered and stabilized by mulch or mulch and a temporary vegetative covering. There are many types of mulching products, including straw, straw netting blankets and wood fiber blankets. When you place these on large areas of bare ground, you are doing the best thing possible for rain damage prevention and soil erosion control. Tweezers: helpful for setting stones into the clay as well as during the firing process. Fine tipped tweezers would be the most helpful. Brass brush: required to brush newly fired items While this list is certainly not exhaustive it outlines the basic requirements to get started, you will find your toolkit grows over time as you find new ways to work with your clay. Constitution Amendment Bill: Constitutional Amendment Bill is required to give powers to states to levy Service Tax and the Centre to impose tax beyond the production stage.

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